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Hazare Arrested: Latest news on Anna Hazare's arrest

If you're looking for the latest news on Anna Hazare's arrest and the details of Anna Hazare's arrest on Tuesday near Anna Hazare's home, keep reading this post.

Anna Hazare is arrested by Delhi Police at his residence at Mayur Vihar just before the start of his infinite hunger strike. Hazare was not ready to obey the suggestions given by Delhi Police. Delhi police wanted him to stay in the house itself. But he was not ready to follow them and was arrested later in his house itself.

Anna Hazare later said that this arrest is the beginning of second freedom struggle. BJP also condemned the arrest of Anna Hazare.

Hazare's words after his arrest are here: "My dear countrymen, second freedom struggle has begun and now I have also been arrested. But will this movement be stopped by my arrest. No not at all. Don't let it happen."a