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No Permission for Anna Hazare's fast

The latest news about Anna Hazare is that there won't be any fast from the Gandhian as Police denied permission for the fast. Anna Hazare and his team were planning for a fast from Monday to press for a strong Lokpal Bill. To the action from Police Anna Hazare said that he and his men will go for fast and are no longer afraid of an arrest.

The main reason for refusal from the Delhi Police is due to the denial of four conditions made by Delhi Police by Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare was planning to conduct the fast at Jai Prakash Narain Park near Ferozeshah Kotla stadium. But he didn't mention the exact days for fast and also was not ready to avoid loud speakers. These conditions Earlier on his speech during the Independence day celebration, Primer Minister Manmohan Singh said that hunger strikes and fasts-unto-death can't help the country to solve the problems of corruption and it's only Parliament which can help the country from these evils.